Use thorough and culturally sensitive translations to open untapped business opportunities.

We Understand that each of our client's needs are different and therefore calls for customized approaches.

We Believe that an accomplished translator is not only bi-lingual but also bi-cultural. Our translated material not only mirrors the original content but also reflects the cultural context, so that the translated content will appeal to the values and beliefs of the customers for the local market.   

We've Built a tested team of language experts with a high level of expertise in specialized fields, ensuring correct use of terminology and accurate translation. No matter how big or how small your project is, rest assured that you will receive quality work every time.

We Pride ourselves on honest communication throughout the project. No fluff.  

Our Translation Team and Quality Control

Our technical translators have advanced degrees, such as PhDs or MBAs, and work experience in their specific fields, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, materials science, healthcare, business, law, and more.  Our skilled translators and our efficient business practices allow us to offer highly competitive pricing for quality work. 

To guarantee high-quality results, our translation service is a two-stage process. First, a professional and native-speaker translates the content. Then, a second, equally qualified translator checks the translated text against source text sentence-by-sentence before it is delivered back to clients. 

Full-service translation

We offer a full array of language translation services for the following languages: Chinese (simplified or traditional), Japanese and English.

Document Translation

We specialize in the translation of technical and legal documents, including civil engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, materials science, pharmacology, healthcare, business, law, and more. Our translators have both the experience and industry knowledge to ensure highly accurate translations with proper terminology.

Proofreading and Editing

We provide independent proofreading and editing for your translated documents. Our editors check sentence by sentence for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, flow of content and other aspects of clear communication.

Language Interpretation

Our interpreters are carefully screened and selected to deliver high-quality interpretation services based on your industry and specific needs. We provide over-the-phone interpretation and on-site consecutive interpretations.

Software Translation and Localization

The best way to roll out software internationally is to provide information in each country's native language. We not only transfer the original content and user interface from one language to another, but also conduct rigorous testing of the localized software to assure the translation quality, usability and functionality.

Website Translation and Localization

Website translation involves much more than the simple translation of text. Our process ensures that the localized website reflects the local language and cultural preferences so that the website is more favorable to the target market. That includes the content, images and overall design, while maintaining the integrity of the website.


Our native-speaking voice-over talents offer culturally accurate and localized voice-over and dubbing for TV broadcasts, commercials, feature films, video games and webcasts.

Multimedia Subtitle Translation

Different from the translation of written text, subtitle translation analyzes the subtitle and the scenes in terms of time, space and content to ensure quality subtitling.

Ready to get started?

Most projects are completed within three to seven days, depending on the length and complexity. Contact us today for a quote. 

We also provide rush order services if you need translation done in 24 hours. In the contact form, select Rush Order in the Subject, and we'll get back to you within just a few hours.