We are a small team of critical thinkers located in the U.S. and U.K.

ACS is a minority owned small business, headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We take pride in getting things done right the first time and delivering on our promises in a timely manner. We embrace challenges, teamwork and open, honest communication and we are driven to succeed. By partnering with other agencies and consulting firms who value collaboration, quality and innovation, we ensure comprehensive and reliable service every step of the way. 

At our transportation consulting division, we specialize in transportation engineering, including traffic studies, travel demand forecasting, transportation research, traffic data analysis, traffic modeling, and other transportation-related projects. Our clients include governmental agencies, corporate businesses, and small businesses.  

At our marketing services division, we provide integrated multilingual and marketing solutions tailored to each client. 

Our core values guide our behavior, and our behaviors are reflected in the service and work we perform.

We act with integrity and communicate honestly and openly:

  • Foster a climate of trust and openness between people
  • Take actions that are consistent with words
  • Do the right thing even if unpopular or risky
  • Openly give, invite and receive feedback

We are passionate about meeting our customers’ needs and delivering outstanding results:

  • Demonstrate a passion for understanding and meeting the needs of our clients
  • Have high performance expectations and a mindset of excellence
  • Take active responsibility for the quality of service we provide to clients and others
  • Go the extra mile to adapt to customers’ changing needs and new priorities, when the situation calls for
  • Are innovative in identifying better ways of doing things and new approaches for our clients and ourselves

We work together as a team and are committed to excellence and innovation:

  • Take ownership of team goals and are accountable for own part in the process
  • Listen to input from team members to reach the best solution
  • Hold ourselves and others accountable for actions, decisions and results
  • Encourage team members to think critically and think outside the box, so we don’t fall into the status-quo trap
  • Embrace opportunities and challenges with an open mind

We respect each other and celebrate our diversity:

  • Treat each team member and client with respect
  • Appreciate and value each other and our diverse backgrounds and life experiences
  • Effectively collaborate as a member of a diverse team, and seek out diversity of thought


Read what our customers and partners have to say about us.


Anna stepped in when we needed a highly competent, technical translator. Our engineering and manufacturing firm required a translator that would not only interpret the language, but also understood our terminology. Anna was able to take our technical jargon and make it clear for our clients. She took hard to understand concepts and translated seamlessly to our clients. It was a real pleasure to work with Anna, and we look forward to using her services again! 

— Greg Campbell, MACTECH, Inc. (Machining Manufacturer)


It has been a pleasure working with ACS as their marketing partner. During the last twelve months, we have benefited greatly from their research skills and thorough services.  They employ a customized and strategic approach to new campaigns and go above and beyond the customer's needs. ACS is truly a great partner and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any business interested in increasing their online presence. 

— Giles Dawe, HYPERSTARTER (Crowdfunding Promotion Company)


DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) by Minnesota Department of Transportation and Minnesota Unified Certification Program

TGB (Targeted Group Business) by the state of Minnesota

WOSB (Women Owned Small Business) by the United States Small Business Administration


Founder & Owner

Anna Chunying Schwartz, a passionate engineer and researcher, grew up in China and now lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her passion in technology, transportation engineering and market research led her to create the integrated engineering and market research solutions that ACS provides. She loves working with talented people with diverse backgrounds while ensuring her clients are 100% satisfied with the results of their projects.

Anna received her doctoral degree in infrastructure systems and transportation engineering from Cornell University before joining the Minnesota Department of Transportation where she worked in various areas, including traffic modeling for work zones, transportation research, intelligent transportation systems, roadway design, among others. 

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